Recent articles in Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Pharmacotherapy


Pharmacokinetic alterations in the critically ill
February 2023

Acute management of migraine
January 2023

Epinephrine in OHCA - Network Meta-Analysis, shockable and non-shockable rythms
January 2023


IV Potassium and Magnesium in atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter in the ED

October 2022

IV MgSO4 for Acute Exacerbations of COPD Systematic Review

August 2022

Antihistamines vs benzodiazepines for acute vertigo

July 2022


FAKT: Fentanyl vs placebo with ketamine and rocuronium for RSI in the ED
June 2022

NORT-TEST 2 part A: Tenecteplase versus alteplase for the management of acute ischaemic stroke in Norway

June 2022

Andexanet alfa vs four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate for the reversal of apixaban or rivaroxaban associated intracranial hemorrhage
June 2022

PLUS: Balanced versus normal saline solutions in the critically ill
March 2022

Droperidol Emergency Medicine updates (narrative review)

March 2022


DOREMI: Milrinone vs Dobutamine in Cardiogenic Shock
August 2021

CDC Sexually Transmited Infections Treatment Guidelines
July 2021

ACEP Task Force Report on Hyperactive Delirium with Severe Agitation

June 2021

NoPAC: TXA to reduce the need for nasal packing in epistaxis

June 2021

Ketamine for Acute Agitation in the ED

April 2021

Risk of overcorrection in rapid intermittent bolus vs slow continuous infusion of hypertonic saline in symptomatic hyponatremia

January 2021


NEAR-Registry. Ketamine vs Etomidate and peri-intubation hypotension

November 2020

IV alteplase for stroke with unknown time of onset guided by advanced imaging: systematic review and meta-analysis

November 2020

HALT-IT: TXA in acute gastrointestinal bleeding

June 2020

Survival after IV vs IO Amiodarone, Lidocaine, or Placebo in Out-of-Hospital Shock-Refractory Cardiac Arrest

 January 2020


ESETT: Three Anticonvulsants comparison for Status Epilepticus

November 2019

LEAP-2: Lefamulin vs Moxifloxacin for Community-Aquired Bacterial Pneumonia
November 2019

ROSE: Early neuromuscular blockade in ARDS
May 2019

Reversal of oral anticoagulation in intracerebral hemorrhage

February 2019


PARAMEDIC2: Epinephrine in OHCA

August 2018

NEJM (Open Access)

Meta-analysis: tenecteplase versus alteplase for acute ischemic stroke

August 2018

Springer (Open Access)

EXTEND IA TNK: Tenecteplase 0.25mg/kg versus alteplase 0.9mg/kg before thrombectomy for AIS

April 2018

NEJM (Open Access)

SALT-ED: balanced crystalloids versus normal saline in the ED

March 2018

NEJM (Open Access)

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