Activated charcoal

- 25 gr/120 ml and 50 gr/240 ml suspension (PO)

- 10 gr, 28 gr (1 Oz) and other presentations of powder for dilution (PO)

Executive Summary

(September 26, 2023)


Activated charcoal is a nonspecific adsorbent extensively used in EDs to reduce the absorption and prevent the enterohepatic recirculation of various toxic substances and drug overdoses (13). 

Adult single dose of AC for acute poisoning / drug overdose (13)

Adult dose

Adult single dose of AC for acute poisoning  / drug overdose (13)

Adult multi-dose activated charcoal for acute poisoning / drug overdose (13)


When to consider administration of AC

When to discourage administration of AC

Ingested agent / poisoning and timing

Cautions and contraindications (see “Cautions” section for more information)

Multi-dose of AC (MDAC)


Clinical practice


Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy risk

AC has been safely administered to pregnant patients as part of poisoning management (13). 



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